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For just over a decade, the Bank of Tourism Potentials in Slovenia (BTPS) has been utilizing various activities to promote innovativeness, the development of innovative tourism products, and raise awareness of the significance of being innovative.

In cooperation with AIRTH, the Alliance for Innovators and Researchers in Tourism and Hospitality, BTPS has moved to a new international web portal for innovativeness in tourism - www.AIRTH.global.

Archive remains accessible here.

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Showing all items, from 1/1/2007, to 1/1/2008
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12/14/2007 - Idea - Bid


Time is a valuable commodity. The rapid pace of life makes it difficult for potential buyers of travel packages to visit travel agents to see what is onMore information...
12/3/2007 - Idea - Bid

Road accidents

Road Accidents Museum. An association with the Minimundus miniature park in Klagenfurt, which draws visitors into an imaginary world. A museum of realMore information...
11/28/2007 - Idea - Bid


An upgrade to an existing gastronomic reservations portal with a comprehensive range of services for tourists. We are seeking active partners andMore information...
11/22/2007 - Idea - Bid


A proposal of ways to draw the attention of transit tourists and travellers to events and tourism services in Slovenia. Includes suitable informationMore information...
11/22/2007 - Idea - Bid


Project goal: to raise the quality of providers of tourism services and systematically collect data and opinions from tourists. Detailed project descriptionMore information...
11/16/2007 - Energy - Bid

Gay travellers

The website http://www.sloveniaforgaytravelers.com/ (SFGT) is aimed at a segment of tourists that to date has received practically no attention inMore information...
Posted By:r07054

Tags: promotion, service
10/24/2007 - Idea - Bid

Catering with a heart

The project was created in order to bring together people with a heartfelt commitment to catering. People who work in tourism are Slovenia's future. More information...
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