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For just over a decade, the Bank of Tourism Potentials in Slovenia (BTPS) has been utilizing various activities to promote innovativeness, the development of innovative tourism products, and raise awareness of the significance of being innovative.

In cooperation with AIRTH, the Alliance for Innovators and Researchers in Tourism and Hospitality, BTPS has moved to a new international web portal for innovativeness in tourism - www.AIRTH.global.

Archive remains accessible here.

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Showing all items, from 2/1/2010, to 3/1/2010
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2/26/2010 - Idea - Bid

Active working holidays in Slovenia

This involves selecting farms, estates, parks, etc. in Slovenia where foreign guests could spend their free time in an active way. Guests would help pickMore information...
Posted By:klemensagadin

Tags: countryside, cultural heritage
2/17/2010 - Idea - Bid

Gorenjska tourist "Hypermarket"

The Alpski letalski center Lesce airfield has several natural features which are favourable to its expansion into a centre of business development in theMore information...
Posted By:pavel

Tags: destination management
2/17/2010 - Idea - Bid

Natura 2000 for discerning tourists

Slovenia is the only country in the EU with as much as 36 per cent of its total territory inside protected Natura 2000 areas. There are 260 protected areasMore information...
Posted By:hipri1

Tags: promotion
2/5/2010 - Idea - Bid

Saltworking contract

A contract which, as in the past, the saltworker would sign with the owner of the saltworks and the municipality. Today he would sign it – live, in frontMore information...
Posted By:r07097

Tags: promotion
2/2/2010 - Idea - Bid

e-MENU or TOUCH-TO-ORDER PANCAKES now in Slovenia!

We offer an innovative solution to all food and drink establishments that want to upgrade their service as well as improve profits. We can provide an exclusiveMore information...
Posted By:emenu

Tags: gastronomy, cuisine
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