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For just over a decade, the Bank of Tourism Potentials in Slovenia (BTPS) has been utilizing various activities to promote innovativeness, the development of innovative tourism products, and raise awareness of the significance of being innovative.

In cooperation with AIRTH, the Alliance for Innovators and Researchers in Tourism and Hospitality, BTPS has moved to a new international web portal for innovativeness in tourism - www.AIRTH.global.

Archive remains accessible here.

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8/30/2011 - Idea - Bid

Eco Youth Hostel Svoja vas

The following idea was submitted to the Snovalec 2011 call, a national competition for most promising tourism ideas in Slovenia that are broughtMore information...
7/13/2010 - Idea - Bid

Outdoor audio-guide

How to present natural and cultural heritage so as to make it attractive to everyone? By increasing the intensity of the experience, by offeringMore information...
7/13/2010 - Idea - Bid

Mediterranean herb garden

We have decided to use a practical demonstration – a Mediterranean herb garden – to present the advantages of our area and at the same time bring varietyMore information...
Posted By:manzan

Tags: countryside, green
3/29/2010 - Idea - Bid

Promotion and marketing of eco-tourism in Slovenia

The essence of our idea is the development of an integrated range of eco-tourism services in Slovenia which could be presented globally via a web portalMore information...
8/21/2009 - Idea - Bid

Breakfast or dinner in natural surroundings

Breakfast or dinner in natural surroundings for hotel/restaurant guests. The location can be a grassy meadow (Monet's painting Le déjeuner sur l'herbe),More information...
Posted By:r07049

Tags: countryside
4/3/2009 - Idea - Bid

TUR-TV – the first Slovenian television station ai

We are TUR-TV and we are the first television station in Slovenia to be aimed at tourists.We decided to set up TUR-TV because Slovenia had no televisionMore information...
Posted By:rokpoprask

Tags: promotion, countryside, co-financers, slovenia
2/11/2009 - Idea - Bid

Local plant brand

We are planning to develop a brand based on a local plant and products made from it. We would like to boost the production and creativity at the localMore information...
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