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For just over a decade, the Bank of Tourism Potentials in Slovenia (BTPS) has been utilizing various activities to promote innovativeness, the development of innovative tourism products, and raise awareness of the significance of being innovative.

In cooperation with AIRTH, the Alliance for Innovators and Researchers in Tourism and Hospitality, BTPS has moved to a new international web portal for innovativeness in tourism - www.AIRTH.global.

Archive remains accessible here.

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1/27/2010 - Idea - Bid

Promotion of Slovenia through culinary diversity

This involves the promotion of Slovenia as a destination of culinary and natural diversity through a series of short cooking shows (10 min) highlightingMore information...

Tags: promotion, destinations, cuisine, slovenia
10/20/2007 - Idea - Bid

Istrian treasury

The Istrian Treasury project presents tourist destinations in the hinterland of the municipality of Koper by individual specific cultures. The resultsMore information...
7/15/2007 - Idea - Bid

Istrian TA

Tourist agency specialising in the area of Slovene Istria. More detailed description in the documentation submitted. I am seeking Co-financers. More information...
7/15/2007 - Idea - Bid

Wine cellars and olive presses

A project based on a successful example of good practice for the revitalisation of wine cellars and olive presses in Istria. I am seeking co-financers.More information...
3/20/2007 - Idea - Bid

Interactive SLO LJ

The idea focuses on the preparation of a new interactive presentation of Slovenia the end-product of which could be offered as an educational aid, anMore information...
2/1/2007 - Idea - Bid

Destination specialisation

An outline concept interesting for one of more tourist destinations in Slovenia which would enable them to achieve a significant level of specialisationMore information...
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