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You are challenged: Old Stories 4 New Adventures

Author BTPS-izzivi
Monday, October 17, 2011
Following the success of the Give me three days of GREEN sLOVEnia, the Slovenian Tourism Board and the Bank of Tourism Potentials in Slovenia have decided to launch a new challenge in the frame of the Challenge Future global open youth competition.

This time around you are invited to create tourist products such as adventure, trip, souvenir, tourist service, concept hotel, theme museum, games, food ... and/or marketing activities for the promotion of the aforementioned products based on “old stories” and legends of selected tourist destinations in Slovenia that will offer new adventures for tourists.

The following four Slovenian destinations challenge you to design new products and marketing tools:
Bled (Gorenjska region)
Ptuj (Ptujsko-ormoška region)
Solčavsko (Savinjsko-šaleška region)
Maribor (Štajerska region)

Stories from the destinations at your disposal:

1 - Alpine Wellness
2 - Bicka, story of a sheep from Solčava
3 - Ptuj, treasure of millenia
4 - The legend of the sunken bell
5 - The old vine in Maribor

Participants aged between 18 and 30 can enter.


Product and/or marketing tool design specifications:

- the product and/or the marketing activity must be based on the story(ies) of one of the participating Slovenian regions
- products must include the notion of "green love" while the notion of "low carbon"  will bring you extra points
- do not forget to include the I FEEL Slovenia brand, its essence and values as described at www.slovenia.info/brand
- be creative and innovative
- please visit individual RDO webpages for more information on the destination or look for additional ideas at the national tourist portal of Slovenia www.slovenia.info and www.btps.si

Documentation details:
- the product and/or the marketing activity you design must be described on max. 2 pages letter/A4 text document (MS Word compatible format) and presented on max. 5 presentation slides (MS PowerPoint compatible format)
- text document structure:
I. title of the product and/or the marketing activity,
II. two-sentences abstract,
III. detailed description of the product and/or the marketing activity,
IV. costs of the product design and/or costs of the marketing activity,
V. benefits for: a. traveller, b. Slovenia, c. Earth,
- presentation document structure:
I slide: title of the tourist product, destination name, name of selected destination legend/old story, name and country of competitor (also school, if relevant)
II-V slide: free, creative, effective, impressive, memorable

Contest rules:
- all applicants must be registered on C:F platform and be 18 - 30 years old
- StormIt Judges pre-check all uploaded solutions and send possible additional instructions to the authors
- all valid solutions are enrolled to voting at the StormIt Challenge portal (community "thumbs up" voting)
- StormIt Judges choose the winners between the 3 best rated solutions by a destination judge and 2 best rated solutions by community voters in each category (4 destinations = 4 categories = 4 winners)
- destination winners are rated from the 1st to the 4th place
- deadline for submission: 12 December 2011

1st place = national winner
Fully paid scholarships for attending C:F Academy and Summit 2012 in Slovenia. The estimated amount of scholarship is EUR 2.500 (covering travel costs from your international airport, local transport, accommodation, meals and all programs).
2nd place
Participation at the challengefuture Summit 2012 (accommodation, program and 50% of travel).
3rd and 4th place
Participation at the challengefuture Summit 2012 (accommodation and program).

Additionally, each destination winner will receive prizes of the challenging RDOs that will be announced by the end of October. Also, their ideas will be published at the www.BTPS.si for the wider public to see the results and get in touch with the authors.

For more information on the game rules click HERE.
To visit the official challenge web site please click HERE.
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