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Deposits::C:F - Bicka, story of a sheep from Solčava

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C:F - Bicka, story of a sheep from Solčava

Author BTPS-izzivi
Sunday, October 16, 2011

The following story can be used in the Challenge:Future competition Old Stories 4 New Adventures.

Challenger: Savinjsko-šaleška region
Story: Bicka, story of a sheep from Solčava

The sun was already rising from behind Mt. Raduha, but Bicka would still like to slumber away. Yet work was calling and getting up was inevitable. In a traditional sheep manner, Bicka was tripping uphill behind her company all the way to where the sweatest grass was growing almost among bare rocks. It was May and there was no indication that anything more dramatic than chewing tasteful grass could happen that day. All of a sudden a familiar step could be heard from behind the hill. It was the master, only this time he was walking with a slightly more determined step. The sheep did not fear the master. He was kind, he took good care of the sheep, and he knew where to find the best pasture land. As he approached, a pair of big scissors flashed in his hands. The more experienced sheep in the flock looked at each other wearily, but young Bicka was a bit scared. Yet vene before she was able to realize what was going on, she was standing there on the meadow stipped as a corncob. Anger, shame and a touch of amazement were tearing about Bicka’s head as she watched her little body without its luxuriant fleece. Only then did she notice she also had legs, for she was not able to see them before due to the mass of wool around her body. Despite this marvellous discovery she was already making a plan. »I will show you!« she thought to herself gazing at the master who took the fleeced wool under his armpit and carried it back into the valley.

As the day was setting behind the mountains of Solčava and Bicka had it figured out how to get even for what had been done to her, the majority of the sheep were already taking a nap. Slowly and irresolutely she was moving away from her company. When she was far enough, she broke into a gallop down the hill. Her ears were gambolling from roguery and anticipation. What she was about to do, exceeded all her previous pranks. During her wild leaps Bicka was refining her cunning plan. She was going to chew all the wool her master had seized that afternoon. After that he could cut off hair of other animals, if he liked. She stepped through the barn gate and saw a large pile of unspun wool, then she rushed at it and started to smack her lips furiously. During her fervent employment she noticed that the mixture of wool was getting firmer and firmer. As though a tender blanket was arising from some soft foam. For a moment she made a halt, bewildered. Then all of a sudden, out of the blue sky, she was struck by a genious idea. The feeling of distress was blown away like a soapbubble. A wonderful masterpiece was taking shape in front of her, one that man had never seen before. In the wave of enthusiasm Bicka forgot about her anger. She felt that her accidental discovery could change the life in Solčavsko. She realized how much man needed wool. Feelings of utter joy were flooding her small body while she continued her work with a sparkling smile. Outside the day broke in a jiffy. When the master entered the barn in the morning, he first stopped speechlessly, then he took the large woolen tilt into his hands and gazed at it in amazement.

The people of Solčava now call this woolen material felt. Their skilful hands make felt in a different way as it was done by Bicka. And up to this day, the identity of the mysterious master who for the first time changed sheep wool into pleasant soft material the locals love to warm themselves with, has remained unknown. Today Bicka is an experienced sheep that from that day on rather devotes herself to various sheep matters. Even today one can meet her on the path from Solčava to the Olševa. She best likes chewing on mountain grass and every now and then she quenches her thirst at the little stream on the right. One can recognize her by the bushiest woolen sheepskin coat. Unless she has been recently fleeced by her master, of course.

FILCANJE in Solčavsko
Jezersko – Solčavska indigenous breed of sheep is specially adapted to the conditions of the environment. People long used this quality wool only for knitted products, but today it is processed in a different way. Returned to the old knowledge felting - filcanje, enriched with modern approaches and products which are adapted to today's use. Uncoated felt slippers, hats, dresses, fashion accessories, soaps, toys and souvenirs are made by hand, with the feeling and love.

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Solčavsko, EDEN 2009

Contact person: Jasmina Poličnik, jasmina.policnik@siol.net

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