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The 2012 "Sejalec" award goes to...

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Since 2004, the Slovenian Tourist Board (now, the public agency SPIRIT Slovenia) has been awarding the Sejalec award for innovative and creative achievements in Slovenian tourism. The Sejalec award is given to those innovative tourist products and services that contribute to better recognisability of Slovenia’s tourist offer. The award is aimed at promoting inventiveness and creativity in Slovenian tourism. 

Of the 12 applications received, the panel of judges has selected two that stand out for their innovativeness, and these were presented with the Sejalec 2012 award by Mr Marjan Hribar, MSc, the Director General of the Tourism and Internationalisation Directorate at the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, and Mr Boštjan Skalar, the Acting Director of the SPIRIT Slovenia public agency.

The Sejalec 2012 award goes to two products: GoOpti low-cost road transport and the VitaGen Programme – learning about health with the genetic image. 

Applicant: TM vista d. o. o.

Product: GoOpti – low-cost road transport
Due to poor air connections via Slovenian airports with the world, airports in the neighbouring countries have been assuming an important role in Slovenian tourism. 
TM Vista d.o.o. has managed to link these airports with Slovenia through their GoOpti product, which offers low-cost road transport. This has enhanced Slovenia’s accessibility, both in regards to incoming as well as outgoing tourism. The award winner is distinguished for its efficient IT support developed with its own know-how and its aspiration to achieve top-quality implementation and upgrade the service at every step of the way. 

Product: VitaGen Programme, the Šmarješke Toplice spa – learning about health with the genetic image
Health and wellbeing are priceless, but the modern pace of life fails to allow people to listen closely to their body and discover its needs. For this purpose, Terme Krka d. o. o., Šmarješke Toplice BU, has developed a programme that uses an analysis of genetic determinants to help their guests achieve a healthier and more suitable diet and lifestyle. Their individual treatment of clients and intensive and responsible cooperation with the profession have convinced the judges to award the Sejalec 2012 award to the product VitaGen – learning about health with the genetic image.

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