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BTPS projects have set an example for Japan

Author BTPS
Tuesday, October 14, 2014

We have already reported on the visit of the representatives of the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology to the Tourism Division of the SPIRIT Slovenija public agency. One outcome of the cooperation with Prof. Nakamura is a scientific article, which will be presented under the section Innovative strategies of globally successful SMEs at the regular annual conference of The Japan Society for Science Policy and Research Management, which is to be held on 18 and 19 October in Kusatsu, Japan.

In the article, Prof. Nakamura analyses the awarded innovative Slovenian tourist products and how they create added value in the fields of tourist experience, natural values, the local/historical cultural heritage, and the cooperation of guests and the local population in helping shape the product.

Prof. Nakamura, an authority on the service sector in Japan, believes that Japanese service companies are extremely traditional and as such not very competitive in the tourism market, which requires market participants to quickly adapt to the needs and requirements of guests. In the expert article, he describes the mechanisms for promoting innovation in Slovenian tourism (BTPS, Sejalec, Snovalec), and analyses the awarded Slovenian tourist companies or their products and their strategies for entering the global market.
The author concludes by noting that the selected Slovenian companies have dealt with globalisation more successfully since Slovenia joined the EU than comparable Japanese companies.

The article, which is available only in the Japanese language, is enclosed herewith.

Photo: The Taste Slovenia Culinary Centre, a 2009 Sejalec winner – one of the products selected for a comparative analysis

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