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Five innovative products presented in Turkey

Author BTPS
Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Last week we took an opportunity offered to us and presented five innovative examples of the development of tourist products in Slovenia to regional stakeholders in Isparta, a Turkish province to the north of Antalya. From among all the previous winners of the Sejalec and Snovalec Awards, we selected the following projects:
– International Wild Flower Festival (LTO Bohinj, 2011 Sejalec finalist)
– Bohinj Park Eco Hotel (MPM Engineering, 2010 Sejalec),
– Trnič on Every Table (the Kamnik Tourism and Sports Agency, 2014 Snovalec)
– Forest Selfness (LTO Laufar Cerkno, 2014 Snovalec)
– Garden Village Bled (Barbara Kokelj s.p., 2014 Snovalec)

We defined examples of good practice in accordance with the template adopted by the following European associations: the Coastal & Marine Union, Alpine Pearls and EDEN, which also includes a detailed description of the process of developing a new product.

All examples of good practice will be presented the DestiNet portal site.

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