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e-MENU or TOUCH-TO-ORDER PANCAKES now in Slovenia!

Author emenu
Tuesday, February 2, 2010
We offer an innovative solution to all food and drink establishments that want to upgrade their service as well as improve profits. We can provide an exclusive agreement for a specific town or area.
The e-Menu system has been known around the world for two years. By fitting the first such system in Slovenia we have proved that our catering business is hot on the heels of world trends.
e-Menu provides an effective way of improving sales in catering, offers greater visibility as well as a quite novel experience and fun atmosphere, and encourages guests to visit more often.

The e-Menu system is mounted next to tables and features a touch-screen computer. Guests can perform various actions such as:
-      browsing the menu,
-      ordering items from the menu,
-      calling over a waiter,
-      asking for the bill,
-      playing social games and chatting with other guests, and
-      enjoying music and video content.

The system's features make it particularly well suited to catering businesses such as pubs, bars, restaurants with varied and exotic/different food and drinks, family restaurants, restaurants with changing menus, etc.)

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